I work as a solo practitioner attempting to get people to participate in mediation and alternative dispute resolutions where possible.  In other words, I try to facilitate and support individuals working to resolve their legal problems as opposed to  litigating or arguing about them, and therefore having a third party (judge) tell those individuals what to do with their money, their kids, their lives or businesses, etc. I also work to address all of the other issues that come with legal disputes–the coordination of financial or tax planning, psychological/social work needs, sale, purchase or refinance of real estate, estate planning, probate, modification of agreements, etc.
I also co-own a yoga studio–be. in Union Yoga.  I teach several regularly scheduled classes per week, work with individuals privately, run retreats and teacher trainings and run the business. People often comment that I am a lawyer who also teaches yoga, but I think it quite the opposite or equal–both seem to be working through problems, issues and emotions with breath and awareness. I am also a real estate broker which conveniently allows me to provide a variety of streamlined services to my clients. I used to be a certified spinning instructor, have passed the exams to become a firefighter, passed the bar in Connecticut and played women’s ice hockey for Boston College (where I received my bachelor’s (2002) and master’s degree (2003)). I graduated from the evening division of Suffolk University’s Law School in 2008. While I worked for a small firm for several years, including during and after law school, I wished to move away from litigation and into the world of mediation where possible. Alas, I went out on my own in 2009.
In my law practice I try to apply the principals of yoga…in other words, actively address the whole of a conflict with the intention of finding resolution with a new level of awareness around the issues, the people involved, how each are and will be affected, and what the real desired outcome is in essence as opposed to litigating or fostering polarization of the issues or the parties involved.  The practice of law and yoga–both processes of getting to the bottom of things–really do go hand in hand.
I am accessible. To me it’s not a job, but rather a passion and my life’s work. I enjoy working with my students and my clients.
I truly prefer working for myself because I get to work for my clients, not a firm. I don’t have to bill for quick phone calls and questions, or for taking the extra time to really understand and address my client(s) needs. To me, my clients are people, not invoice numbers, and therefore I typically bill flat rate fees where possible, not hourly as it is incredibly important to me that legal services are accessible by all and not always dependent upon financial constraints.
I live in Somerville with my partner, in every sense of the word, our son, two rescue dogs and two cats. Most of whom you can see on our yoga studio website at www.beinunion.com. I’m also happy to answer any other questions you may have about me and how I might be able to help you, so feel free to reach out.