I work as a solo practitioner providing custom tailored legal services to address all my clients needs while facilitating resolution of legal disputes as opposed to litigation via negotiation and mediation when possible. 

Often divorce comes with selling and buying homes, and redrafting estate plans; estate planning or probate sometimes means selling real estate or creating trusts; purchasing multiple properties in some circumstances means leases and or trust or business creation to protect assets and reduce liability; business creation requires thinking much along the lines of estate planning for long term protection and growth; and so on and so forth. And it’s not only convenient, but far more effective and far less expensive to address multiple legal needs at the same time.

Being a real estate broker and owning a realty brokerage allows me to provide a variety of streamlined services to my clients. Co-owning be. in Union Yoga studio for which I teach regularly scheduled classes as well as work privately with students, run retreats, teacher trainings and the business, allows me to work with clients with a level of awareness around the issues, the people involved and the emotions at play in a way that fosters growth, communication, compromise and resolution that I would not otherwise be able to if it weren’t for my 20+ years of yoga experience. And our teenage son provides me ample opportunity on a daily basis to practice all of my people/negotiating/ lawyering/dispute resolution skills.

I am accessible. To me it’s not a job, but rather a passion and my life’s work. I enjoy working with my students and my clients. And I invite you to reach out for a free consult to see if and how I can assists you with any or all of your legal needs.